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They’re baaaaaack! This family. I think they are the clients I’ve been photographing the longest – they found me when these beautiful girls were just a few months old and now they’re almost 10! Unbelievable. I adore this family. No really, I get so excited to work with them, see how they’ve grown, interact with these awesome girls, and inevitably crack up during their session because they are filled to the brim with personality and hilarity. I am beyond thankful for this family and hope I get to keep photographing them their whole lives. Ya hear that, Roehmettes?!

Not so funny story from their session this year – I had my husband bring our five little kids with me to this session at Holiday Park so they could play on the playground while I worked and an hour into the session my husband calls. Twice. Well when he calls twice and knows I’m working, something is wrong. So I answered, to hear that someone had smashed the window of our van and stolen our diaper bag! So I finished up the session and then for the next two hours we waited for the police to come (no joke) with five hungry kids, in a pitch black parking lot, with the van window missing and glass everywhere. Not ideal. BUT – the reason this story can be classified as funny, is that my purse AND my spare camera were in the front of the car! UNTOUCHED! So the genius thief thought they were getting away with some goods, when all they got were diapers! So we were pretty thankful for that. Needless to say, I will not be leaving a camera and purse in the car again (nor will I be shooting at this location anymore – it was the fourth robbery that month in that lot!).

Back to the beautiful Roehm family – here they are – more beautiful than ever 🙂

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There are some families that just show up and absolutely nail a session. From their cute outfits (tulle in the sunshine is perfection) to their personalities, they just make my job so easy and I could shoot their photos for hours…or until the sun goes down…or kids get hungry…ahh well. This family was just that – I love their coordinating but not matching outfits, the complimentary fabrics and patterns – perfect. And are you kidding me with those adorable kids?! Koenig family, thanks for making me look good 😉 Here are just a few of my favorites from your session! Disclaimer: when I say “few” I mean relative to how many favorites I actually do have from this session. 😉


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