Our sweet baby girl. This little lady was the best newborn model for me and had I not been 10 days post c-section I would have used every last prop and backdrop I own for her because she just slept like a rock! But I quickly realized how exhausting shooting your own newborn portraits are while you’re recovering from surgery, so I had to settle this day and quit when I had exhausted myself.

I absolutely love her newborn portraits though, and I’m so glad I was even able to capture this many. She’s a precious, calm, bundle of snuggles and we couldn’t love her more. Without further ado, our finale baby, Eliette…

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Meet little Waylon. He is a tiny little peanut and was perfect during his session. I have so many favorites and did an absolutely horrible job of deleting images because I just loved so many I couldn’t get rid of them! Newborn sessions are definitely a different type of session than other portraits – so much work goes into each pose and you cannot rush a newborn. They have preferences on their fingers, their arms, where their feet are, where their head faces, you name it. But this is what is so fun for me – to see the differences in each baby, to see the positions they settle into when they’re relaxed and warm. To watch them sleep and to preserve this incredibly short window where they’re new to the outside world and so dependant and precious. I get lost in these sessions – and often have to remind myself when I have great models like Waylon to eventually stop shooting so the family can go home! 🙂 So, I’m offering a blanket ‘Thank you’ to all those families who have chosen me to photograph their beautiful new babies this year. It has been my joy.


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